Sends Two Songs Asked For.

I am sending two songs someone asked
for. I play them and they are y favorites.

Let The Rest of The World Go By.

Is the struggle and strife
We find in this life
Really worth while, after all?
I’ve been wishing today
I could just run away,
Out where the west winds call.

With someone like you, a pal good and true.
I’d like to leave it all behind,
And go and find
Some place that’s known to God alone,
Just a spot to call our own.
We’ll find perfect peace,
Where joys never cease,
Out there beneath a kindly sky,
We’ll build a sweet little nest somewhere
in the West,
And let the rest of the world go by.

2. Is the future to hold
Just struggles for gold,
While the real world waits outside –
Away out on the breast
of the wonderful West,
Across the Great Divide?

Hush-A-Bye, Ma Baby
(The Missouri Waltz).

Hush-a-bye ma baby, slumber time is comin’ soon;
Rest yo’ head upon ma breast while Mammy hums a tune;
The sand-man is callin’ where shadows are fallin’,
While the soft breezes sigh as in days long gone by.
”Way down in Missouri where I heard this melody,
When I was a pickaninny on my mammy’s knee;
The darkies were hummin’,
Their banjos were strummin’
So sweet an low.
Strum, strum, strum, strum, strum.
Seems I hear those banjos playin’ once agin,
Hum, hum, hum, hum, hum.
That same old plaintive strain.
Hear that mournful melody.
It just haunts you the whole day long,
And you wander in dreams back to Dixie, it seems,
When you hear that old-time song.

Hush-a-bye, ma baby, go to sleep on mammy’s knee,
Journey back to Dixieland in dreams again with me;
It seems like yo’ mammy was there once again,
And the darkies were strummin’ that same old refrain.
‘Way down in Missouri where I learned this lullaby,
When the stars were blinkin’ and the moon was climbin’ high.
And I hear Mammy Cloe, as in days long ago
Singin’ hush-a-bye.

Best wishes to The Farm News and its many readers.
– Ada Lang, Palmer, Texas

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