Snow Deer

Sweet snow deer mine,
The moon doth shine
Through the pine,
While the Mohawks sleep
Let us creep
Through the vale.
Your cowboy lover
Your heart would cover.
Don’t hesitate,
It is late,
Fully late for you and me.
By the tree in the vale
His tom-tom sleeping,
Let’s hit the trail.

My pretty snow deer,
Say you will go, dear.
From your side I’ll never part;
Every trail leads to your heart.
It’s time to marry,
No time to tarry.
Let me carry you from here,
My sweet snow deer.

The red men come, fully come.
There will be some left on the trail.
I won’t fail;
Cling to me.
We will crown the story
With love and glory.
Now, after all, must I call?
Hear my call and fly away
While we may.
Can’t you see
Those ranch lights gleaming?
Say there we will be.

From the Reverse Side of the Clipping:


Fort Worth, Texas, Sept 15. – Glanders,
a disease fatal to man and animal alike,
has broken out in Carson County, in the
vicinity of Amarillo, according to reports
received today by Dr. Leon G. Cloud,
State veterinarian of the Live Stock
Sanitary Commission of Texas. The extent
and seriousness of the outbreak has
not yet been reported to Dr. Cloud. Dr.
W. M. Thaxton, assistant State Veterinarian,
has been rushed to Amarillo to
take charge of the situation with the
assistance of local veterinarians. The
first report to Dr. Cloud told of a herd
of fifteen head of horses and mules that
were tested, with the result that eleven
head were found to be suffering from
the disease. Mules are more susceptible
than horses, according to Dr. Cloud. The
disease invariably is fatal.

Brought from North.

The disease was first introduced into
Texas about three years ago in a shipment
of horses from a Northern State. A
few cases were found in the herd, and
the other animals were sold broadcast
over Carson County. Most of these animals
later developed glanders and infected
other animals. During the last
few weeks one case was reported in San
Benito and Victoria, but the outbreak at
Amarillo is the largest ever reported

No cure has been developed for the …

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