Two Old-Timers Wanted

Readers of The Farm News have
asked for two old-time and once popular
poetic jingles. One is entitled,
“Harry and the Guide Post.” which was
published in one of the old McGuffey
school readers – the Third Reader, perhaps.
The other is a rollicking song
that was quite popular just after the
close of the Civil War. It was called
“Little Sam.” The only verse the present
writer can recall runs thus:

I was ‘roun’ amongst de white folks,
Doin’ for dem all I can,
And dey kep’ me busy workin’ all de day.
And when I done my duty well dey paid me lak er man.
An’ I goes an’ puts my money all away,
An’ I sabe up ever’ cent,
‘Ceptin’ what I gone an ‘spent.
Fer I’m boun’ to trabble back to Alabam
To see my only brudder,
An’ my dear ol’ aged mudder,
Who will give a welcome home to Little Sam.

Chorus –
Ho! Hi! Ho!
I’se a rovin’ little darky all de way from Alabam,
I is free as anybody an’ dey, call me Little Sam.

Who can send in complete copies of
these two old-timers? – EDITOR OUR

From the reverse side of the clipping:

There’s nothing…
QUALITY. And there…
Camels wonderful sm…
bacco flavor and freedo…

That’s why Camel pop…
faster than ever.

A better cigarette can…

We put the UTMOS…

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