Poetical Exercise

Based on Neruda translated by Bly

Te recuerdo como eras en el ultimo otono
I remember you as you were that final autumn

Te: tea, thee, to thee, name of the letter t.
Recuerdo: recollection, memory, remembrance, keepsake, memento, memorandum, compliments, regards.
Como: how, in what manner, to what degree, as, like, if, as soon as, in the same manner as, so that, such as, that inasmuch as, what is it? what did you say? why, is it possible?
en: in, at, on, upon
el: the, he
ultimo: last, latest, farthest, ultimate, final, latter, highly finished, most valuable, utmost, remote
otono: autumn, fall, aftermath
remember: keep in mind, summon into mind, (synonyms: commemorate, relive, enshrine, reminisce, get, remind, extract, retain, learn, bethink, memorialize, retrospect, look back, cite, memorize, revive, recall, educe, mind, revoke, recognize, elicit, recollect, treasure, bear in mind, brood over, call to mind, call up, conjure up, dig into the past), (antonyms: forget, misunderstand, disregard, miss, repress)
as: while, when, (synonyms: at the time that, during the time that, in the act of, in the process of)
were: exist, (synonyms: abide, continue, hold, live, act, do, inhabit, move, breathe, endure, last, obtain, persist, prevail, remain), (antonyms: cease, go, quit, depart, halt, refuse, die, idle, reject, discontinue, leave, stop, forsake, lose, give up, pass)
that: because, (synonyms: in order that, in that, so, so that)
final: ending, last, (synonyms: closing, eventual, ultimate, finishing, concluding, last-minute, end, lag), (antonyms: beginning, inconclusive, persistent, commencing, interim, starting, continuing, introductory, temporary, first, opening)
autumn: season between summer and winter, (synonyms: fall, harvest, autumnal equinox), (antonyms: spring)

Possible Take aways:
To thee remembrance such as upon the farthest fall.
Is it possible to remember the aftermath?
In what manner regards thee the most valuable recollection?
Keep in mind I exist because harvest ends.
I enshrine you while you continue in order that eventual falls.

Fall could be used to allude to the mid-life to late time of life when considering the four seasons and their corresponding periods of the natural life span. Fall is the time of the year when leave fall, plants and anials begin to prepare themselves for winter. Conversely, it is the time of year when school kids are kicking into high gear in their school years. Temperatures are generally dropping. During the fall of the year we may look back to occurrences from earlier in the year and thence to remembrances from years past. If something occurred in previous falls for the last time, these memories would tend to surface strongly. The timing in synchronistic. Final could connotes sadness if in relation to something enjoyable that will never occur again. To remember the last time to ever experience something from the past that is missed. Fall bespeaks brown, orange, and red. After a considerable amount of time, memory fades; grows duller. One may begin to question – was that memory real or but a dream? Did it truly exist or has it been imagined? Has wishful thinking created what was not? On the other hand, the tricks of time may hide and disguise that was hurtful or painful.

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