Live Blogging New Year’s Eve Continued

I had intended for this to be one blog post but the first run was acting weird after my last update so I started a new post…. would hate to type for hours and then lose most of it…

Next move? Pacific Rim. 8:55 pm – Didn’t watch all of the pre-view to limit spoilers although I’ve seen in the past. (the preview). Kaiju – Giant Best. Jaeger – Hunter. Are we looking in the wrong direction? Portal between dimensions – a breach. Poor effects on the bay bridge. Hope that’s not a pre-curser to the movie. San Fran mourn the bridge or what? Manilla next. Kaiju BLue. Not going to stop. Just the beginning. Stocks tanked. New weapons. Left Hemisphere / Right Hemisphere. Need Left hands & right hand people for one? Then it all changed, how? Loading, please wait. Danger = Propaganda. Don’t get cocky. Drift Compatible. Loading, lease wait. Lots of little people to make it possible for the heroes to do there thing. Pilot to Pilot protocol. Looks like a transformer to me. What’s the difference? The drift – two pilots melding through memories with a body of a giant machine – the deeper the bond the better you fight. Protecting a city of 10 million. You can fight the hurricane. The size disproportionate thing is happening to me again. Is it going to swim or walk on the ocean bottom. How many miles tall is it? If it’s metal shouldn’t it sink? Wouldn’t the wave reaction from the fight sink that boat anyway? Is that metal thing standing? How far to ocean bottom? Doesn’t make sense. The dog is barking at the tv. Note to self…. time to suspend disbelief and go with it. It’s still alive. There in a a tin can. One’s gone. He did something… No signature. An old toy. he’s walking it in. collapses. Crawls out. blood everywhere. Brother gone. cold metal tin can on fire surrounded by plowed up dirt and white snow. Their adapting, evolving. Category 4 are coming through the breach. Coastal wall in place of. Either or. Not both. “Wall of life” Don’t need the suits and ties. Goes to mythology of the fighting man fighting to protect the people even when they don’t want to be protected. Sparks flying. Orders are orders. What else am I suppose to do? Five Is that suppose to be a recognizable landmark? Where would you rather die? Here or? Newt. Herman. Both more interesting than most scientist stereotypes. Not an army – a resistance. The point look differnt – but not. Clones. Kill yourself or be a rock star? “Gypsy danger.” “In combat you make decisions, and you have to leave with the consequences.” What’s her vengeance against? He needs the kick in the ass. He took all those guys that easy but what’s this dance. “She’s my copilot.” What’s the deal – as far as vengeance – obedience vs respect. Why is blood coming out of his nose? So, he ties himself to being from another dimension…. Dead? Or something worse? tunnel vision, unclear images, small beings directing it through.shakes. what have you done? confident people showing uncertainty.. knock, don’t know, Promise – small red shoe. Lot’s of motion. from flirty stage to Inside each other head. Don’t chase the rabbit. The drift is silence. Her memories. Fast action. Zen gardening.. snow angels. school. snow. not much else made sense. Like the interface. His nose is bleeding. Not following animalistic urges… colonists… consuming world’s.. trial run – Caught between the twilight if what is and what will be. We terraformed them. We are the vermin. Second wave extermination. Back market dealers. Their out of alignment. She’s chasing the rabbit. Not staying in the now. That thing is chasing this little girl and she’s able to stay ahead of it. This is just a memory. None of this is real. Cannon Loading. Run! Because covering your ears always works. Taking something about of the back of the console is going to turn off the big man like machine with the laser cannon. Note to self, remember to suspend disbelief. Love hidden doors leading to big secret rooms. Garish attire. Beat down needed. Fist flying. What’s that on his neck. Who’s mistake? She cries. Strongest candidate by far. Too inexperienced to reign in her memories. awwww… The red shoe. She comes out amid massive destruction and among falling ash and snow this huge machine is there with sunlight shining through it. and her savior climbing out. She smiles amidst her tears. His tears. A general facing insubordination when he is not a general no more. The world is upside down. They resist. He needs obedience. He expects it. He is really, really good at getting it. All goes quite as they walking in to eat. Tapping into brothers’ memories. Fear, pain, helplessness, gone. Trust. Her heart. Dilation. Breach exposed. Two signatures. Biggest ever in size and wight. Moron. They bit about they remember or see each other’s memories might have been helpful to the fighters. How do three men control a robot in synch? The dog hides her face. Circles. Hides her face better. Fighters have a fighting style. The more you observe, the more you learn. The enemy has studied the fighting style and knows where the weaknesses are. Blue blood from the monsters. Wouldn’t all that splashing about swamp Hong Kong? Sorry, suspend disbelief. Monster knows where to reach for the gooey inside. Blue vomit acidic. Kept rewinding the fight sequence to try to make sense. It’s not. They drown. Only one left? Blue fire. What is that? emp Their adapting. This isn’t a defense mechanism. It’s a weapon. Their digital – except for Gypsy which is analog nuclear. What does one have to do with other. Hive mind — maybe they are after you, you monster drifter. Into the city. Buildings crumbling. Blue lighted monsters. People running with umbrellas and masks. Sure, the monsters are after you hero so be sure to go where lots of innocents are planning to be. Sit and wait or take these flare guns and do something really stupid. Just pissed it off. This is for real. Big metal monster thrown a long, long ways and the people inside are what? ok. stepped on a truck but walked under the overpass. Leap and pound. Grab on before you hit again. Use tools. Train cars. Go smash. Green goo now? Cut the arm off. No Purchase, Monster go boom. Walk past. Wait. Check for a pulse. No pulse. There’s another one out there. In the city. Small bunker for a city that size. This isn’t a refuge. It’s a buffet line. It wants the little dude. How did that not land on the little dude? Blue flower stem smelt him felt him and then left. Dragging a ship. Using the ship as a baseball bat. New tactic? Lot’s of building damage. Room to run down city streets. The monster runs away. Lot’s of damage to the city – who’s going to pay for it? That’s ridiculous – start the little balls to knocking. Glass smashing. Wonder how realistic the sound. Dodge the vomit but stick your hand in there. Sure, no damage there Where did those wings come from? How much damage can the big metal thing sustain. No damage to it but damage to everything it hits… Suspend disbelief. Doing so harder when typing? Cut the wings losing altitude. 50,000 feet and dropping. Use shock absorbers Too fast. Landed in the stadium. How do you survive that? Lights back on. He owes a brain, why? funny though. Insubordination forgiven after successful fight. 2 Crews lost. Reset the clock. Bleeding Nose. Squirmy bugs… Have to think – could the biology of the world be impacted forever. Size – the little people are inside of the monster and seem extremely tiny. The baby is born and isn’t that big compared to the people. Perspective is always wonky and inconsistent when you have outsized things in comparison to normal things. Pregnant monster? I thought they were clones. Little man curls u like a baby while the monster is choked to death by it’s own umbilical cord. Not so dead after all. He ate the garishly dressed main. Good riddance. 5 minutes until he is brain dead. They’re going together. No one else available? None of the untried guys? Just the old general? The kid should be suiting up. Blah. Blah. Inspiration speech. Face the monsters that are at our door. Bring the fight to them. Canceling the apocalypse. Egotistical jerk with daddy issues. When you drift with someone you feel like there is nothing to talk about. I know. I always have. Look after him. Living in the past. Never thought about the future till now – never had good timing. Since the head pops on, does it pop off? Lots of blue light while they see inside the monsters mind. Tentacles.. Blood coming out of their noses. Throwing up in a convenient toilet. The plan is not going to work. If they could submerge now, why did the earlier drown? They seem to be far under the water now. Like those visual colorful displays. The chopter couldn’t have dropped them off closer? There was no communication from Hong Kong? They had to fly back…. Sigh. Suspend Disbelief. If it’s coming through. Swirly tentacles. Lava. Sword arm grabbed. Arm gone. Use that Lava. What is full speed. Split it down the middle. Release is jammed. Hull is compromised. Sound waves. Sound displacing lava. Sound calling monster. They are walking dead fighting to protect the world. Helmets off. Sappy sayings. Detonating the monsters. He’ll always be there for her in the drift. floppy dead fish. One missing arm. One damaged leg. Systems critical. Finishing the mission. Dragging monster carcass. And a live one stops in front of them. Frying it. Orange flames. Blue breath. Lighting bolts.. Through the breach. Other dimension. Blue. He’s saving her? Ejecting her. Back through the pod. Howe can they still hear him? Activate now. Out of time. Finish it alone. All he has to do is fall. Anyone can fall. How does it let her back through? Manual activation. Falling into iris. lightning strikes like tesla. Sparks everywhere. Gears turning. Maximum danger. Hatches opening. Manual override initiated. Sun. Planet. Crab beings. Standing on his feet. Pod ejection. It falls. Pod ejected. Why couldn’t the other two guys eject. Makes no since. Sign. Suspend disbelief. Vital signs good. Second pod. No Vital signs. Why didn’t they already have a crew there. Sign. Suspend disbelief. Hugging helpful? The breach is sealed. Stop the clock. Victory formation.

Movie over… watch another?

The garish guy cuts his way out. ick.

Credits still rolling while I try to make my mind up.

Another movie would be another couple of hour. I’m not going to last that long… way past bedtime… So. So long 2013. It’s been.

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