Live Blogging New Year’s Eve

I’m a stick in the muck. I usually sleep through – go to bed early and all that. This year. I’ve decided to stay awake and ring in the New Years. I originally thought I would do so working on my “Retyping” project then move on into some “Poetical Exercise” followed by live blogging whatever was on tv. However, my plans changed. I skipped all that. Instead, I’ve spent the last few hours catching up on Dr. Who and I’m about to start a marathon Movie session and just now decided to live blog the movie watching. My method is to order through tv shows that I want to catch up on (Dr. Who) and movies that I haven’t seen through amazon via the Kindle HD Video feature but t hen I use my Roku to select the video I want to watch on the tv. Does that make me a nerd? How about that when I operate 2 kindles simultaneously (an e-reader and an HD) while typing into my iPhone using a wireless keyboard? No? Just weird, then…. moving on.

I didn’t watch everything Dr. Who related that’s out there that I haven’t seen. I had finished seaton 7.2 almost as soon as the shows were available but tonight I watched the last two with Matt Smith. The 50’s anniversary special (Day of the Doctor) and the Christmas Special. I enjoyed both tremendously. I kept thinking during the first one though that I’m confused about the continuity. DIdn”t the Time Lords already try to come back from their bubble? Why does the doctor not seem to remember. I cried at the end of the Christmas special and my immediate reaction to the new doctor was dislike…. pretty sure I had the exact same reaction to Matt Smith, though…. except even more so this time. Any wasn’t it hinted that river song would be back at some point? Anyway, publishing now …. to be updated through the night.

5:30 pm The movie that I am about to start is Riddick. I’ve already see the first two movies but I think I saw them out of order. Wondering if the Alan Dean Foster book would be worth downloading. I watched the preview. Hope it didn’t have all of the good moments. …. phone call interruptus… Live blog may not be the right term…. perhaps … jotted thoughts? Or, stream of conscious commentary? Yeah. Something like that. Touch typing. I can’t see the keyboard letters in the dark. And the iPhone screen is almost too bright. Stycj gus gabds ub tgat water ak=wfyk fast======== What I meant to say was…. he stuck his hands in that water awful fast. What if it had been acid? Owwwww unbreak your own leg. How did he know they wouldn’t go in the water…. and how did he know there wasn’t something worse in the water? Behind you. Left Leg broke, right? Using it for purchase while kicking with the right? Where are the rest? He’s only having to fight one. What? Why did it chase that? Here come 3 more. But there is something in the water. Two somethings…. No, three. Cross between a scorpion and an alien from aliens. “There are bad days. Then there are legendary bad days…” Why didn’t I see it? What happened to me? What about the girl he cared so much about in the last movie. Is she dead to him now. Home has a certain equity. “You keep what you kill. So that guy rules now?” gryuiohjkljh Got find that what side of him? 98uytrdsftyuioiuytrfgtyuiouytghjukiuop[pldefgrtwgtyui8o90defrw3friklou,p’/;olikuyadqswx {}”|{“Pdeqswcwfrgthyup[]’o09i8ty456r Problem with eating is getting gunk on your keyboard. Problem with cleaning the keyboard is wild typing. Moving on…. He has a thing for the youngsters. Young monsters that is. I’m obviously dense but I’ll figure it out eventually. He’s doing this because? Just going to leave the little monster, huh? Made him stronger, faster, meaner than he already was? One on on one with a big one. He wanted it to bight him? Now, he kills it? Why wait? Bigger venom. Little monster escaped. Behind you, riddick. They obviously come in all sizes, Wgt us ge stukk akue,==== Why is he still alive? Why didn’t he sink? How did they come from underwater but he didn’t sink? Grass lands. Sharing everything. Golf ball? Monster traps. sounds good? Looks gross. Nice scenes of him enjoying himself. Setting us up for the the next crisis. Acid Rain? No getting it. “Bounty doubled if returned dead. Figure, he knows? How many guys? I should have counted. Backing up, Four or Five? Five. Which guy dies first? Which one is left alive? The one the kissed the ground, maybe? Wouldn’t they know what’s on the planet? The woman was a prisoner. Cutting her loose for what? Bait? Nope.Target practice. Bet the kid is left last. Was he the one that kissed the ground? Now he what? TAKES it personal? “Santana” Riddick didn’t know her. May be less concerned with their welfare or something? Wouldn’t they know that he pulled them into a trap? Not the other way around. Who’s the neighborhood? Four count so far in the new crew. Nine against one and I’ll take Riddick over them any day. So they have plenty of nodes. Could take off anyway? Or one of their nodes would work in the first ship and it could take off? They say 11 so my count is off. One guy. Dominoes. Yeah for low tech. Where’d the dog go? There’s the dog – dingo dongo thing as distraction / bait. Bet that pissed the dog off. How did that screw up the eye. That’s funny. I like the eye. Faulty sensor. Missed that about the station being shared. Why? What are the rules? Owwww… double trapped out of his misery. Great plan. Backup without looking. Overkill.? Funny. Great plan. Shoot your own guy. Down to how many now? One night, three dead. Two dead, one missing. Now he wants to talk turkey. I like her but they should have let her kick his but a little more. That’s better. Ok, why does he want Riddick? Name of JOhns. “Dingo dogo thing. Not going to like her if she kills the dog. She missed. Ok, not kill – tracker. Riddick’s plan? Hunt during the daytime? Still dark underground. What did he just put in his mouth? RIddick paint that? This the original cave? That doesn’t make sense. Hunting Riddick for 10 years? “Dropped some mud?” Shit? Stupid to cleanup when most of the crew is gone. She’s too smart for that. He seems to have healed fairly fast from the beat down she gave him. Blood. Broken stuff. Fair Trade. No deep space communication? Outsmarting themselves? “Unicorn’s ass? Zooloo Warlock? Sounds like inside jokes. All that. … and then they figure out they still have to open it or they never leave. so,while all of them were inside, where was riddick? That’s good planning. There he was. Close the door why? Now he’s in there, but where? There he is. “Scared of the wrong thing.” Just saw him he’s buried the nodes. What’s coming? “Look south.” And, he just walk’s in. But what about the dog? Dropping….. very cool. Riddick could still take them. m334/g – 10 years ago – the father. “Horse Trank.” There’s the dog. “Max wood.” Little coward…. Will be hiding behind Diaz in a few minutes. “Retard Bingo.” It’s the end you want to think about now. – until that rain hits that station. 2 tranks… 4 tranks,,, I don’t see a bright future for that dog. Damn. What happened to her toes. “Box boy.” Killing him in 5 SECONDS. Where’s the pain and suffering? Same number of people as 10 years ago? Same number going to survive? 3? Him the girl and the praying boy. Special place in hell. who’s the savage here? Please? too funny. time’s up. More dingo doggies? They wish. If he knew – devana – the serpants – what else does he know? “It ain’t me you got to worry about.” “It ain’t right , and it’s coming our way. The guy he knew – is the first one to bight it? That makes less sense. 2 down. closing the blinds going to hep? Sure, stay close to the wall. No more what? holes? “johns is going to fold like little johns did” Buried out there. Not following the rain, got it. Got a deal. This johns character started off one thing but is turning into a wimp…. people show their true colors in crisis? That was,,,, can shit be holy? Retrievable Perhaps but with that many? Their going to die. “leave the kid alone? ” Another one down. More lizards but I would have expected more. What was that? He knocked off Johns on purpose? Your son liked his morphine – twice a day – junkie – like most mercks – missing a spine.Arguing out there with the lizards. I like Johns but the character has really gone down hill. Yeah, I knew that guy was going to to go for the whole enchilada for himself. oww.. Some shoulders. One hog. Lack of spine runs in the family. Now the lizards are going to be everywhere. Back to back seems to leave room for a blind spot. At this pace…. they’ll never make it back. They rode forever on the bikes. What just happened? Stung. Didn’t kill him. I take it back. I don’t like Johns. He’s alive…. Man down. Why aren’t the lizards all over him? How did Johns make it back without him? Cauterized the wound. Owww… What was that about? He’s running.,.. climbing… thousands of them? Back against the wall. above him. Below him. He lost his weapon. Climbing to where. Nowhere but rain. Lizards. Hell. Lightening. King on the mountain. Using his fists. They attack him one at a time.. Wrestle Teeth. Scream.. Something is shooting them, Killing them. Killed the one over him… Goop sparks flying. His eye shines, glints. Are they here to rescue? Why? For the bounty? She looks like an angel to him. He’s glad to be alive. Suggestive to his earlier threat… asking him something sweet like…. and yes 3 leave for synchronicity with the 10 years ago. Dryness. 2 ships…. Johns kept his word? “you keep a strong spot. See the two guys… not the girl, but riddick left a message. So she was sleeping and he was going home?

Movie over…. time for a break and to figure out what to watch next.

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