Moving Right Along

4:15 Elysium: Tristar pegasus. Dark. Music. The slum. using footage. Plants growing on the side of extremely tall buildings. Flee to space. Showed an area other than North America. Starfish i the sky.Domed. Manicured gardens. You can see it from the ground.Frey. Max. Born to do what Flashed back to the present. Covert in tattoos. Band on his foot. Hanging clothes on the line. Children everywhere. Dirty. Gangs. Street urchins. Bus lines. zero tolerance policy applies to all citizens. Hospital. Overcrowded. Max.Frey. Stay out of trouble. I do. Her life is complicated. Coffee. Parole officer. Carnival talkee. Lucky to have this job. high technology surrounded by decay. Ill people in line to a ship. coyote to a starfish in the sky. They think it will work because? Defense security – undocumented ships. Burlap rags. agent. Packet. Kruger. Grafitee. Civil Cooperation Bureau. Missiles from earth not from the starfish. One made it. Apprehend them. Helicopter on a spaceship. What would prison at that place be? Worst than that job? Don’t do it. Safety is gone when people are desperate for jobs. Look at how beautiful we look from there. Exposed to lethal dose of radiation. Organ failure. One pill with each meal. Functioning normally until your death. Gantry. Protocols. Elevators. Gantry dismissed. core update. Sword used to turn food. Max throw up. Full dose. Midrol. 5 days. Go see ticket for spider. Spider for ticket. Fire in barrel. Always a thing. Data displays. Do anything. will to survive. What is it. Download data. Head to Head. Third generation exoskeleton. There’s that starfish. Astute. The habitat is dying. Override the servers and place a new president in charge.Missile defense batteries. Droids. Everything needed to protect liberty. Who’s. That looks sanitary. Yellow wall. Gonna hurt? what kind of history do you have to have with someone that you will go down this kind of rabbit trail for other? Emotion. Friendship. Experiences. Multiple Languages. Wouldn’t that stuff just tear right out. Protocol reboot. No blood. No healing. Just a way out. Compiling. Protect this dat? Yes. Lethal. cerebral upload. See blood seepage on shirt. Shirt under suit. Just fried hard drive. On his way. armed on an old lap top. Found hardware. Not nervous. Red shuttle. Red interior. Cushioned. Top of the line. 15 seconds. Endangered. bracing. slum city. Remain calm. Zero injuries. preferred agents. Droids. I’d like them dead. He doesn’t believe that his droids failed. Looks like that skeleton is just something to hold onto for your opponent. He’s been shot. You have no idea what you have done. Incoming. Hurry up. Sancho. Runner. Datached. Delayed action. Silence Sounds back. Suppose to mean something. Dust flying. alternative views. There went the friend. Would these 5 days had been better if he had just spent them with the girl? Is he more alive now? Is this living? Dirt flying. Fighting to stand. Running. Sword. Don’t damage his brain. Time of death 17:45. Take knee. It’s coming for you. The old woman points. beneath the cart. pigs. Enemy of my enemy is my friend. He’s traumatized. Need to take a pill? Keys to the kingdom. Eyes in the sky. No fly. No one leaves. Punish the whole city because of one death. Frey. Why complicate her life? Memory flashback. Mommy. Her name is Matilda. She is dying. Now he worries about her safety. He’s sorry. And it clocked him at her house. Nocked the rover down. political statements have everywhere here. Everyone can recognize the keys. Change the course of history. Deep thought there. Little resource. Too many people. White buildings. Dust flying. Dry hot bright weather. Moment of hope then he sees her, sees them. Nineteen minutes from earth to the starship in the sky. No fly zone cancelled. Make it right. How do you make right this? what now? he has no leverage but he is strong. Strength can hur the ones ou care about. I liked that character bt he’s dead now. Massive damage to habitat. She’s going to run inside but it won’t recognize her. Electric shock did what fighting did not. Bright light.. Hurts the eyes. She’s harsh. “these two” They put her where? Not so gone,I guess. Infirmary. Level three. The citizenry don’t know how to deal with violence. Deceased… Hit head against wall… Flashing lights. Armory. Lights flashing. Ground Broken. Spraying bullets. Blue light spraying gun. Strobing lights. He makes a lot of promises. Why should she trust? True love knows nothing but trust. Exploding bodies. Blue light. Lots of destruction. This paradise seems to be a lot of corridors. Jump high in slow motion. Swirling blooms. There wen the sword. Knife fight. Is it a matter of tech or a matter of will or a matter of skill that wins the day. Luck. Swirling around. different angles. Little wrestling. blood blowing in the wind. Attack the weak spot. Fire in you. blood on the floor. exploded himself. door opened. timing. running in the grass back to the depths of the place. Wasn’t there a healing facility where they were. More visually appealing in the house bed though. Who is going to be president? Breaks his promise. looks at earth. Memories. Pushes the button. It goes dark. It updates. It wakes up. The kid is healed. Guess who alysium belongs to now? Aid shuttles dispatched. Riots .. He did his important thing. and now she’ll remember

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