New Year’s Day

Last night before going to bed, I had decided that I would pick back up this morning where I left off – watching movies and writing my commentary stream of conscious style. First though, I took time to do some retyping. On a positive note, I can see the keyboard on those rare occasions necessary in the daylight.

11:30 am – After Earth: Starts with the wreck. Laying on the ground. “I’ve heard stories of earth. a paradise until we destroyed it.” Stock footage. United Ranger core founded 1000 years ago – global evacuation. Nova Prime is new home. Not alone. Aliens released monsters bred to kill human – seek fear by smell. Technically blind. Death tree in sunshine. Invisible because of free of fear – “ghosting.” 3 days earlier. Not a race cadet. In the field – collapse – not advancing – try again next year. Tell your father – welcome home. Trying to live up to his father. White decorations at home – every white. She’s in color. He stands at attention at home. and must speak a certain way. Ran faster. Weren’t ready. Speaks to him like a soldier. Bad home dichotomy. What is she doing? art? game/ He gives a necklace. Just got home… flying tomorrow. Announcing retirement. Work with her in turbine division – wants family back. The boy is trying to find father. He’s intuitive. The kid blames himself for what? Something that happened to somebody. He needs a father. The father doesn’t know how to be a father. Go make some good memories together. Take it easy on your father. General. The father is a General. What does the boy see? Respect of others? Or something impossible to to become? Rock. Metal soundless flying. Caverns. City in the …. clouds. Space. He’s reading paper? No, paper like electronic device. Holograms. Reading moby dick. He wound up his electronic device, I’m jealous. He went to the bathroom. What did the inside look like/ why would he go to a restricted area? What about that thing calls to him. Not general. Prime commander? What’s in there? Do you want to see if you can ghost. If he was that good of military – wouldn’t he have noticed his son was missing…. what is he doing. Does he fear for his son. He flashes back. The dog is dreaming. Wonder what he is barking at in his dreams? Adrenalin. Bubble. Red line. That cage reminds him of the bubble. Go rhet con one. Detected graviton vibrations buildup in hull. While is everyone else doing while he is putting on the harness. What is everyone else doing. Oh sure, that monster is is tied down really well. He expects his orders to be obeyed. travel. Swirly blue lights. Shining lights on the console.Again. What is everyone doing? Quarantine. Break the law and land? Die not landing. Sat her down. His decision. Upland. Where is everyone? Blown out the end. Darkness. He wakes. Everything is in shambles. Wiring hanging. … The door stops moving. Sadness. The will to live. Finds father. Tears. Blood. Inventory up. Blue display. 100 kilometers to the beacon they need. Both legs are broken. One very badly. Infiltration inhalers. Breathe more comfortable. Digital and Virtual Imaging. – cool…. guiding with him. cutlass. Every decision is life or death. Everything has evolved to kill humans – Earth. Least likely he hopes. Protocol escape and evade. Soldier or son? hug.skipping a lot . food for the father. medical treatment for the father. Root yourself in this present moment. Climbing. He’s not all seeing.. Stone condensation. Moss. Rocks. Birds in the air. Flocks. Displaying the abundance of life. Beauty. They fear earth why. Reach hotspot before nightfall. Cn see the break. Can see the muscles. Pain killers. impaired what? The one that died was the sister. Did he take it, or is he just in pain. Sensation of rough rock Green lichen. Thick rainforesty tropical trees. Tall Difficult to navigate. Smart suit. Recognize your power. This will be your creation. Stand down. no. now run. run down crevice. Their fast, he must be faster. They stopped at the edge of the river. He can swim? white rocks. he runs running from nothing. Forest. Slug on hand. That is evolution. How evolved to kill humans when their were no humans there? Parasite paralyzing. What lurks in the silence. Is any forest ever silent? 10k in 50 minutes. all good. what happens to a leg if the artery severed. That looks painful. Has it already been 24 hours? They are keeping secrets from each other. Night time tales. No visuals but of the talemaker and of the listener. The interior of that craft was white earlier. Now all grey. Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in the future. Product of the imagination. Danger is very really. Fear is a choice. We are telling ourselves a story. Change your story. The dog chewed through the couch cushion now in timeout. That’s pretty. Hard to lie when someone has a heart monitor on you. Sky jump. Telling lies limits options. What do you think you should have done, that’s that matters. Not a coward. red dot blue dot.Through the waterfall. In the next. The next. Why would he attempt to protect the chicks Vulture. No babies left. Grief. Fear. Sign of the monster men in a tree. Finding a path in the forest. warthogs. Getting cold. Snake. Warmth. Horse voice. Sadness. Writing on the wall. Water from the sky. Angry mama. Running. Butterflies. Where is his cutless? Sleeping bad. Sister dream. Not scared. Tired. Feel your heart with something else in place of fear. That’s not good. cold.dThe land has evolved to survive the cold. He has not. Cold makes you sleepy. Something drags. The bird? Mama bird for her chick. He wakes. He climbes out. Yep. Mama bird but she is dead. Frozen, why? He can’t breath. Stumbling. Finds… Luck. Tale section looks rough. Disintegrated white. Finds inhalers. Just took one. Let’s stock up boy. Nope. Not yet. Finds another cutless. When did we lose his father’s? When we fell out of the next? Papa’s in trouble. He found a navigator. Now hes’s thinking. How did Dad bruise his head? Father can see son…. Son cannot see hear father. Volcano. Take a knee. Fire from the peak? smart Ursas. Setting bait.Great plan… run up the burning mountain. Just run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Trapped inside now. Where to go. The unseen is scarier than the seen. Must transport immediately. He’s fading fast…. Climbing up. Water below. Sky above. Monster below. Snow above. Signal sent? Monster made it to the top. Can’t breath. Imagine your in bubble where it can’t smell you. Root yourself now – sight sound smell what do you feel. Snow. Rocks’s blood. Cold. Your still in the box. It’s time to come out. He ghosted and it can’t sense him. In the moment. zen like Feel the force luke. Don’t fall over the side on the monster’s back. If you don’t feel fear, what motivates you? Now he sends the signal. Back to white interiors. Lot’s of people moving. They’re in red. He’s in black. He ses his father’s hand move? They see each other. Stand me up. He salutes. He hugs. They are safe now and they have found each other. “I want to work with Mom. Me too.” laughter. Memories. whales. Story was by Will Smith.

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