Next Up

2 pm Red 2: Costco. That annoying cart wheel. People watching entertainment. Playing house. She wants to go. Car goes boomb. More boomb. Please. Funeral.Looks great for a guy that was blown up. Pin. He does what a lot? Pretends to die. Marvin was difficult. Paranoid. Who else is paranoid? Yankee White Facility. Tell me where Frank Moses is. Project Nightshade. Small arms fire 200 hundred yards Kill us both. Blue Eyes. Black eyes. Lot’s of guys. & 7 on 1. Shoot him but don’t kill him….. ok. kill him. This is fun. How many guys? Egg shells. Beating music. Just an opportunity to reacquaint the audience with his skills and the sheer fun and silliness of the movie. Faked your death. ARDA Adventure Romance Danger Activities you can share as a couple. ON the road again. Things were getting a little stale. It’s always the guy who wants to go public that bites it. Shades. Suit. Blueness. Highness. Multiple weapons. scanned. Seriously? Couldn’t he kill with his hands? Killed by paper art. MI6. Wooden paneling. prestige. Sunburst mirror. Director. Choose sides. In an electricity power line right of way. Green fields. You don’t give fire to a kitten. Lost nuke in Moscow. Fair warning. What are they wearing and when did they change? Paris. They just stole his plane. And they’ve changed clothes again. Who’s flying the plane? Catching the frog. She’s trouble. Kryptonite. Couple dynamics. Websites been scrubbed. swirling.. Sniffing. Sipping. Bidding on wine. Act natural. She’s not very good at that. He’s very good at protecting her. Running. Motorcycle. Leaping into moving car. sidewalk. Stuck in the alley. Hate her. It’s about the journey. funny. She he’ll help. So much for dinner. Svetslana. key.old world stone buildings. Don’t drink that! Rules. right and wrong. Orders matter. She has the key. He’s out. She’s slapping. No bruises. High heals. scarves. Bookstore. Bullets do bad things to books. Some gun. Should be attracting some attention. Dynamite emergency. Yes following. England. Jeep on fire. London. Tower bridge. Moss. breaking into a prison within a prison. A room with every surface covered. Locked up for 32 years would send you into the loony bin if you weren’t already locked up within one. Breach. Is that the capitol? Holy shit, it’s real. Purple. Purple hat. Purple coat. Beautiful colors. Eyes on. Horrible hats. Bullet Proof but not head proof freezer door. Untouched since 1984. Safehouse. It’s in the Kremlin. Catacombs. Papa John’s gives you an entrance to the Kremlin.You’ve heard about me now. What’s behind that wall? Russians. Red Mercury. People What happens in the Kremlin stays in the Kremlin. Ultra spies making decisions for the good of the world not for their country. Drink to your success before success is secured.. Slowly. Double cross the double crosser. Followed by another double cross. Of course, firing range.. Ready. Set. Smell the shoes. Handcuffs. In a box in a plain. Red netting. Soldier boys sleeping. Two days and your in front of a firing squad. Iran. Why did he go back. Fight in the hangar. Knife. Three hands. fun. Pipe wrench. Netting. Fire extinguisher. hands. legs. Toxic barrels. He turned him. bloody faces. Don’t give up who you are. Believe and let go. How hard can it be? Blueprints. wine. Ice on head. London. He got her sometihng. A gun. Talent. People like her. Grasshopper. She shot him. But said I’m sorry for breaking the safe. Mercury. Red. Knife work. Soundproof room. Washington is next. Shit. Counting down. Sure. Use the bomb as a shield. Bullet holes. Hostage taken. car chase with helicopter. Car flip. Wait. That’s weird. Stopp cutting wires. under the truck trailer. Out from under the truck trailer. Semi roll. crashing with a weapon of mass destruction. Warning.. Warning. Time counting down. No stopping it. Hello Frank. Welcome aboard. Leave the train. Blue scarf. Blue car. Blue shirt. Big Boom in the sky. Does it mean it? No, he’s a nice guy. Job in caracas. Mambo.

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