The Here and Now

I have a couple of different Stream of Consciousness writing styles. Sometimes this type of writing for me includes what I call Rant or Soap Box writing. Other times, it is about small snippets of information over a lengthy period of time. Then there is, just typing ….. even if that results in drivel. It very much overlaps into various writing exercises that I have previously learned about but with my own unique twist. I have learned that it is a way for me to inhabit the here and now.

Tonight, I had planned to get through a few more Elementary episodes, but I wondered….. had the latest Sherlock become available yet? Sure enough, Ep. 3: His Last Vow is up on the Roku. So, for the next 1:30 of viewing time I’ll be watching this episode. More than likely, it will take me longer than that because of various commercial free pause breaks.

My writing plan is not to necessarily report the episode instead, I’ll do some stream of consciousness writing which may or may not have anything to do with what I am viewing.

The rewind button also increases the length of time it takes to through a show. I wonder if the really good show developers of tv shows and even movies, develop shows with the intent of enticing the viewer to delve into the details.

The pause button also is very helpful. Say for example, when you don’t want to miss anything but you want to record a “brilliant” (or not) thought. It is obvious that these tools due impact the development of the show. More info crammed into less time.

Hence, I find it particularly annoying when I am watching something interesting in an environment where these tools (rewind, pause) are unavailable to me.

So much for typing throughout Sherlock…. it became way to interesting causing me to give it my full attention. Wow, did that ever cause time to just flat disappear. Time spliced itself apart. I can’t follow that up with an Episode of Elementary which will seem mundane and amateurish by example.

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