Solomon Kane

Inhabiting the Moment: Streaming my thoughts during the watching of Solomon Kane. Murder and mayhem as entertainment only because it is unreal. The potential story in the clash of cultures when those cultures are self assuredly full of themselves. The deal – so a clash between belief systems then? Saved by faith or Saved by Deeds? Can a place be a sanctuary? Truly? So, then a non-peaceful path to redemption. Those were dark days. The dark ages. Wasn’t there a volcano or something that messed with the atmosphere. When there is scarcity, what will people do to one another. What will they become? Traveler. Stranger. Outsider. Always under suspicion. Always automatically deemed guilty of all crimes. Renouncement of violence. Can there be true renouncement without the renouncement within one’s self? Repayment via the lack of idleness. Such a concept. Excitement – seeing the world and learning knew things. The concept of anyone getting a chance to start anew. Is that still possible in the same way it could once have been? What is respectability. Respectability is in the eye of the judgement of the people doing the judging. Keep the shadows away with the light which itself casts shadows. It’s good – as in something addicting has been given? Once tasted but once it is sought as something that must be sought at all cost. Is it killing to kill evil? Should even a man of peace not fight true evil? Doesn’t a man of peace eat? Doesn’t even a vegetarian kill plants? If true evil exists and a man has become that true evil with no chance of return, why would a man of peace not be able to fight that evil in whatever way he could? Why did he come running, if he ws unwilling to do anything when he got there? This God fearing family all wants him to become a killer in their defense. Would they themselves do so should they have the capabilities. Boy dies. (Samuel) He is bound for hell, should he kill a murderer. Father is stabbed. Mother is hit. Brother is stabbed. Sister Meredith is kidnapped. Mother lives holding still living father. Last words, redeem himself if he saves her. I don’t think the puritans had a deeds based faith but I could be wrong. So mother is left alone. How will she survive?? And his heroes costume is complete. Burned out church. Was that his church? his monastery? (No) Lost. There are many ways to be lost. A theoretical discussion between two who with ill knowledge. One of which is/was apparently also evil. Moonlight killed them? He’s lost his hat.Where did he get the money? Greatest warrior ever seen. They came and got who? All three of them? Not the cabin boy though. He is nothing. Crosses – not much biblical reference there… the central cross no less. I just flashed to Rocky Balboa in the first Rocky movie. Owwww what a fall. Followed by a resurrection. Now I just flashed to a Star Trek original series. Captain Kirk was healed. His healer cut her hand and it too was healed. A hero surrounded by wannabe’s. Could be played so many different ways. Could tell so many different stories with that one premise. Could the father be the Malachi? Or is the father there in some other capacity? Imagine coming home to find your home inhabited by the vilest of evils. Could his brother yet live and be wrapped in this evil? Where, there the Father is. Alive, but not much longer from the looks of it. Marcus did not die but not through God’s will. The father brought a sorcerer who brought Marcus back or perhaps just a part of him. The father asks the unthinkable. But he did it. Is that the same room he faced in Africa? A sword fight where one is burning. Don’t think I’ve seen that before. Would any innocent have worked? Why her? He looks like Fox’s football robot. So this building will crumble then. Awful stupid for the devil. Pretty sure, the girl just saved the day. So was it faith or deed that saved him? Open to interpretation. He had faith that God would help him. His hat is back – so his full hero costume is complete once more.

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