Unknown to all but the wise, a waterfall protects THE secret. It is a unknown because only the few who know, know and those few will never reveal what they know. Within the hidden depths of an ancient desert oasis, the water burbles out of the ground and within a few feet tumbles in amongst a blind cliff falling into a lost cavern where the torrent of water then disappears into unknown darkness. Between the cavernous cliff face and the curtain of frothing water exists a space large enough for a big man to stay dry but only if he is very careful upon his approach sidling the last several feet so as not to be dashed upon the rock by the force of falling water. This is always done with trepidation as within the cavern lives poisonous snakes, spiders, and scorpions not to mention the hidden traps. Once positioned just so, he is able to reach one arm around a protruding rock to pull a hidden lever which when done correctly triggers the opening of a cleverly disguised door under the recesses of the overhang.

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